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Vacilation in the Presidency

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Election, Opinion

In these waning days of President Obama’ term. there is an ominous aura surrounding Barack Obama. That aura it seems is projecting a intentionally weak president. In these last weeks before his re-election it appears he has run out of steam. Be it intentional or a lack of personal inspiration, I get the sense it is a little of both. As of this date- Oct. 18, 2012, the Obama team appears to be in a state of disarray though not visible to the common voter, it does appear to the more educated and discriminating voter.

During these last debates with the candidate Gov. Romney, Barack Obama has been faltering in substance and delivery. He has so far not given a clear vision of a second term. Whether it is intentional or not it is a clear position of a personal not caring of what his future holds for the country. Perhaps in his mind he thinks he has done what he wanted to. My sense is he has done short of complete harm and destruction with the help of a mangled and/or misinformed ideology that he has espoused. In other words he has second thoughts and it shows.